Peugeot frame numbers

Not much is known about the earliest Peugeot frame numbers. For some time I thought the numbers mentioned in the Encyclopaedia of Cycle Manufacturers (VCC, Ray Miller) were correct, but now I know a bit more I think they must be a mistake. Miller mentions nr. 12886 as 1887/88 and nr. 18919 as 1889.

What have we got:
XXX:  penny farthing, Peugeot Museum Sochaux, number not known 
1968:  penny farthing, no. 1, estimated 1887-1889
3080: an early cross frame estimated 1887-88, (external link to pictures)
7588: same model as 3080, estimated 1888-89
10337: estimated 1891, but for sure not older than 1890.
11465: cross frame, a 'bicyclette populaire', the cheap 1890-1893 model
11520: same model as the 10337, but with pivot steering (strange?)
13639: cross frame, another 'bicyclette populaire'. This one is in the French Peugeot factory museum.
17513: clearly the 1893 model.
19542: same model as above, only this bike is on details older than the 17513....
30886: straight seat tube, more modern frame. 1894-95?

Based on these numbers I made the following graphic. Looks nice, doesn't it? I guess it can be mistaken one year, but it will be close to reality. More bikes will help making this graphic better. So if you have a Peugeot from 1886-1895, please send me an e-mail.